Top Five Sales Productivity Challenges

Sales organizations are always challenged with getting the most productivity from their people as they can. Below are the top five challenges we hear year after year.

  1. Voice of the Customer. How do we interact with the customer and make our time with her most productive? How do we ask the right questions, understand the problems, and search for the right solution?
  2. Sales Capacity. How do we become most efficient with the resources that we currently have? The answer could be through decontaminating their sales jobs from customer service, technical, or billing issues; or it could be through shifting and lifting — moving some jobs to more strategic selling and having other jobs focus on more transactional selling.
  3. Actionable Strategy. One of the big challenges we hear is how to translate the overall business strategy to the sales organization? How do we communicate the sales strategy so they understand what they’re supposed to do Monday morning when they go out and start actually working? How do we get that message through to them?
  4. Account Planning. This is a common problem. Almost all organizations have some sort of account planning process and for many of them, it’s a futile effort. Too often, account plans are those 50-60 page documents that we create and end up going in the file cabinet or off in a file on your computer. Maybe they see the light of day once or twice a year. How can we turn those account plans – some of which are very good — into living account plans, referring to them weekly and using them as a basis for coaching? Successfully using account plans can become a huge driver of productivity.
  5. Sales Compensation. Sales people are typically motivated by money; and hopefully your compensation plans are designed to incent 110% effort from each employee. This isn’t always the case, however. Are we designing plans that link to our strategy, so our people are selling what the business wants them to? Are we motivating them to sell the strategic products and services? Are we rewarding our top performers, or demonstrating that they don’t earn much more than the lowest performers. Or, are we punishing our high performers with higher quotas next year?

What changes can you make to enhance productivity next year?





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