The Next Generation of Comp

If you’re 35 or older, chances are you value cash as the best compensation and are willing to put the hours in at the office to earn that cash. The longer, the more, the better.

If you’re younger than 35, especially if you have a family, 100 hours a week isn’t going to cut it, no matter the value of the cash carrot.

According to a new Fortune article by Ethan Rouen, what people really want beyond being paid enough and being paid fairly is meaningful work, including autonomy.


“Logistical autonomy can simply come in the form of an employer offering workers more flexibility in their schedules so they can catch their children’s soccer games,” Roeun writes. “Intellectual autonomy, on the other hand, is more nebulous and is exemplified by companies like Google, which lets its employees set aside a significant portion of their work week to think about their jobs, their company, and how they can improve both.”


Which would you rather have?


Read the full story here.


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